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Our space; beautiful inside & out.


Plan your event at Snowline acres

We are located in Northwest Montana, just two hours north of Missoula, 12 miles from Glacier International Airport, and about 30 minutes from Glacier National Park. We invite you to enjoy the beauty, elegance, and privacy of our 30-acre property.  


a one-of-a-kind venue

Snowline Acres and the historic Kalispell Lumber building offers a one-of-a-kind venue with a private and romantic setting for your wedding, corporate or special event for both small and large groups. The reconstructed building will be complete with modern amenities and extraordinary charm. Snowline is an excellent location for weddings, business meetings, and conferences with gathering places designed to echo the surrounding natural beauty of the Flathead Valley. You can also enjoy all the natural beauty of this property from our large wrap-around patio facing the gorgeous Swan Mountain Range. A great place to socialize, this outdoor area provides stunning views.


The Kalispell Lumber Company Building


The historic Kalispell Lumber Company - a unique and rustic building emblazoned with an iconic and outsized reference to Kalispell’s timber tradition, was dismantled and relocated from the west side of town and is being rebuilt on the Snowline Acres property.

The relocation of this structure is the result of several years of planning, a passion for old buildings with history and character, and our entrepreneurial vision to create a place for family traditions.

The original 22,000-square-foot Kalispell Lumber Co. building, erected in 1939 in what was once the industrial heart of the Flathead Valley, is being carefully reassembled over the next few months.

Heritage Timber LLC, a Missoula-based deconstruction company, is reassembling the building, which encompasses roughly 220,000 board feet of wood. Much of the material is tight-grain, old growth wood cut in old-fashioned dimensions, including 10 by 12 inch posts, 22 inch beams and towering roof trusses that extend 35 feet into the sky. An estimated 90 percent of the original structure is being preserved so that it can retain its historic identity after being rebuilt.

The Kalispell Lumber Co. building is certainly a relic from a bygone era. It has survived time and torment, including two major fires that consumed entire city blocks more than half a century ago. Its signature presence on the west side of town has been unmistakable to generations of passersby. But the building will be preserved and new family memories and traditions will be made within its walls.